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Either if you are a scene veteran or a newbie who have just found the demoscene, we would love to see you at the party. Over 200 visitors attended Stream Six last year and made the party a great success.


The ticket price is 25€ if paid at the door or 20€ if paid in advance before 20th of september. If you're arriving from abroad, it's not necessary to pay for the ticket in advance to get the cheaper price.

Please note that you must have been invited to the party in order to attend. See below for information about invitations.

Stream is a non-profit event and all the income after our expenses will be paid as prizes for the competition winners.


Everyone who have attended previous events is automatically invited. New attendees need to get an invitation from organisers or from someone who has already been invited.

This is not to restrict anyone from coming to the party. Everyone is welcome as long as he/she shares our interest in the demoscene or digital art in general.

Account System

Every visitor has an account in our intranet system. Accounts are linked to RFID tags and are used to identify you at the sales desk. When you buy drinks or food, you don't pay with cash, but with credits on your account by just showing off your tag at the sales desk.

You can use your existing RFID tag (bus card etc.) or buy a tag from the party. Our RFID readers do not alter tags in anyway, we only read its unique ID.

You can deposit credits at the info desk (NOT at the sales desk) and if you buy tickets in advance you may deposit credits at the same time.

The purpose of this arrangement is to minimise the need to handle cash. We hate cash.

Releases from Previous Year

Download them from Scene.org or visit PoŘet.
Photos from Previous Year

Photos taken by Biini.