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The party will be held in an indoor golf center located in Tampere, Finland. This is the third time we use the same venue.

Party Features

The hall has room easily for over 200 visitors. We have increased the computer table count this year so everyone bringing computers will fit in nicely with their computers and other equipment.

We will be having bigger than enough sound system once again. Specifications of the video projector will be posted later on (we try to get better one than on last year).

Two saunas will be warm all the time. Remember to bring your towel.

Half of the hall will be covered with carpets and assigned as a sleeping area. Note that we can't offer silent sleeping area, but we will try to keep the noise level down at 03:00-11:00.

The traditional army of comfortable sofas will be present of course.

Food and drinks can be bought from the sales desk.


The street address is Kirkonmäenkatu 15.

Use local bus line 13 (Hermia) or 22 (Annala) to get to the party place. Nearest bus stops are marked in the map below.

Taxi from Tampere city center will cost something around 15€ and it's highly recommended if you travel in a bigger group.

Foreigners: Tampere has an international airport with access to some european and UK cities. Ryanair usually offers quite affordable flights to Tampere. If you need to travel from or to Tampere airport during the party weekend, please contact us beforehand and we will try to arrange someone to give you a ride. You can also take a flight to Helsinki and travel to Tampere by train.


Ticket price is 25€ at the door and 20€ if bought in advance. Advance ticket sales end september 20th.

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Photos from Previous Year

Photos taken by Biini.

Releases from 2009

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