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Stream is a demoscene and digital art event held now for the seventh time. The party brings talented and creative people together to have fun and compete in various competitions.


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Thank you!


The party is over. We would like to thank everyone who attended and especially the people who contributed in the competitions. We are happy to say that this year's competitions had really top-notch entries!

We are currently uploading entries to scene.org and cleaning this nice mess we have here.

See you next year!

Kouvola Demowall


Alternative Party offers a free of charge transport from Helsinki to Stream via Kouvola Demowall event! Register here if you are interested: http://bit.ly/9YK0O9.



Preliminary schedule for the event has been released. Click here to see it.



The intranet system is now online. Click here to login.

Update: Bus trip from Helsinki


Those lucky ones who got a seat from the Accession bus should comfirm and pay for the trip NOW. There may be some cancelled seats so all hope is not lost if you didn't manage to get one yet. See http://t-101.org/stream2010/ for more information.

Advance ticket sales and intranet


Our intranet system will be online on 23rd of August. When its online, you can buy your tickets in advance, receive and send invitations, and access all the other intranet features we have.

And by the way, you should start creating your competition entries soon!

Bus trip from Helsinki


T-101 and H7 from Accession are possibly organising a bus trip from Helsinki to Stream and back. Enter your name on their Doodle page if you're interested.

PC compo machine details


We will be using a PC with Intel Core i7 920, GeForce GTX 285, 6GB of RAM and Windows XP SP3.

Help us find a special competition


We need an idea for this years special competition. Maybe something totally new that any other party haven't had previously. Contact us if you have something on your mind.

Stream Seven announced


Organising this years event is undergoing well and we finally managed to put this web site online.

The date and place are set. We are partying at the Käyttöauto Green in the end of September.


Join us on #streamparty at IRCnet. Most of the organising team and a bunch of other sceners hang there.


AV equipment and lights provided by Musiikki Mode Oy.


Ticket price is 25€ at the door and 20€ if bought in advance. Advance ticket sales end september 20th.

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Releases from Previous Year

Download them from Scene.org or visit Pouët.