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Competitions are running on saturday from afternoon to midnight. Create something impressive and receive applauses and respect from others. Or just enjoy other peoples hard work.

General Rules

Any entries that may not comply with the finnish law will be disqualified.

The competition organisers reserve the right to change the compo rules at any time and disqualify any entries for any reason they feel is appropriate.

Remote entries are only allowed in demo and intro competitions. If you would like to participate remotely, send us ’our production before the first day of the party. No prizes will be paid for remotely entered productions.

The best way to contact the compo crew is to send an e-mail to main competition organiser raimo@streamparty.org.



  • PC with Intel Core i7 920, GeForce GTX 285, 6GB of RAM and Windows XP SP3
  • New MacBook Pro, specifications will be published later on


  • HP Mini 2140 with Windows XP SP3, Intel Atom N270, GMA950 and 1GB of RAM
  • Amiga 1200 with 060/50MHz accelerator and 64MB RAM
  • Game Boy Advance with video adapter and flasher


  • Amiga 600 with 1MB + 4MB and hard drive
  • Commodore 64 with 1541-II

Note: Entries on platforms not listed above are welcome, but you'll have to contact us about it before the party and bring all the required hardware to the party place. In case it's not possible to connect the hardware to the video mixer, you might need to make recording of the production yourself.

Demo Competitions

We have three different demo competitions, one for each platform category listed above.

Maximum file size is 64MB for high-end, 8MB for low-end and 1MB for oldschool platforms.

Time limit is 8 minutes.

Tiny Intro Competition

Basically a 4kB intro competition, but you're also encouraged to make an entry below 4kB. Size of the entry will be shown on the big screen.

High-end and low-end platforms are combined. Tiny oldschool entries goes to oldschool demo competition.

Maximum file size is 4096 bytes.

Time limit is 5 minutes.

Video/Animation Competition

Submit in a format that is playable by VLC media player (MPEG4 h264 recommended).

Time limit is 5 minutes.

Music Competitions

Two different competitions seperated by style. Very danceable entries go to dance music competition and everything else goes to listening music competition.

A preselection will be conducted by compo organisers if the number of entries exceeds 10 in one category.

Submit as MP3 or OGG with a bitrate of at least 160kbps. You may include additional versions of the track in other formats (e.g. in original tracker format).

Time limit is 4 minutes.

Graphics Competition

Submit as PNG together with at least 3 plausible working stages.

You may use photos in your entry, but the picture must be primarily made of drawn or rendered elements.


Ticket price is 25€ at the door and 20€ if bought in advance. Advance ticket sales end september 20th.

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